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Black Entrepreneurs Paying It Forward

JustBlaque College Scholarship

A stepping stone helps individuals reach a specific goal in life. Without stepping stones many entrepreneurs would not be as successful as they are today. A collective group of blaque-owned businesses have joined together to provide an opportunity for hardworking students making an impact in the community to further progress in their education and step into their greatness. JustBlaque, Our Generations, SangRay nsdmc, Baby Elephants Daycare are excited and honored to sponsor the JustBlaque College Scholarship.

Application Tips

Allow yourself adequate time to complete the application.

Do not refresh page. Your progress will not be saved.

Copy and paste your essay into the application to avoid resets, interruption, error, delay, malfunction or refresh.

JustBlaqueTV College Scholarship Application

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    Extracurricular activities, honors, awards and clubs
    In 300 words or less, explain the steps you are taking to make an impact in your community. How are you motivating others to step into their greatness? *
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    ****By submitting this application you confirm that the information submitted is correct. Any false information submitted will disqualify me from consideration of the JustBlaque Scholarship application process.***