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HI 👋🏾 I’M LEILA – BGLH Marketplace

Hi! I’m glad you’re subscribed to our text/email list and I just want to introduce myself formally. My name is Leila and I’m the creator of BGLH Marketplace.

Back in 2008 I started a natural hair blog called Black Girl with Long Hair, which became a top hair site for black women.

In 2010 I opened up an e‑commerce component focused on selling other companies’ natural hair products. It was fun, but got to be too much so I shut it down after a year.

I missed having a little shop so I re-opened it in November 2014. The only problem is many of the companies that sold to me the first time around didn’t want to take the chance I would shut down again. So while I waited for a company — *any* company — to allow me to sell their products, I started selling raw shea butter on BGLH Marketplace.

The raw shea looked so lonely by itself on the website that I figured I could maybe start whipping and scenting it to give a few different purchase options. And that’s when things got crazy.

For months I experimented with how to whip the absolute best butter I could. I spent hours in chemistry forums and watching pastry tutorials, researching and testing formulas and processes. Finally I came up with fluffy, soft, absorbent whipped butters that smelled really really good.

I quickly learned that shea, cocoa and mango butter are wonder ingredients — far superior to water-based lotion — that have a number of incredible benefits including softening skin and hair, reducing blemishes and stretch marks and relieving eczema and psoriasis. My butters became so popular that I no longer needed to sell other companies’ natural hair products!

I love that my products are completely uncompromised — no filler, no synthetic chemicals and no artificial scents. Just butter and oil. In the past 7 years we’ve sold butters to 36,000 customers. That’s amazing!

In 2016 I moved to New York after living in Chicago for 10 years. I live in Brooklyn with my three children.

My butters are a family affair. I have used them daily for the past 7 years (my favorites are Olive Oil Whipped Cocoa and Vanilla Latte Blended Butter.) My oldest son has severe eczema and my products are a core part of his relief routine. I use them to soften and moisturize my kids’ hair. My parents and uncle are now hooked too! My dad’s favorite is Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter!

I’m glad you’re subscribed to our list and I hope you’ll give our products a try! I’d recommend starting with a single 2.5 oz size, or a 0.9 sample pack. We also have a free shipping promotion live on the website now 😊

Bye for now. 🤍


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